Room For Rent: Artist, Musician, Craft or Storage
170 Freight St Waterbury CT 06702

Currently has the following spaces are available:

1 Private room.
Locked with electric included. The room is estimated 10ft x 30 feet. I will measure it soon and update along with pictures. This room is extremely secure and you will need to get through 2 commercial locking door before getting to this room hardwood door. Also equipped with Wifi or could run a ethernet line if needed. The only expense will be the monthly fee and karosen for a heater, there no heat

This room would be perfect for:
Artist, Storage, Screen Printer, Small office possibly, computer repair…..
A band that wants to keep equipment set up and practice a few night per week, that is what are business is (Rehearsal Studio) however we are opening up the room to a variety of clientele. Because of conflicting bands in other rooms. We use it now for a hourly rehearsal room but scheduling is a issues because of the other band and sound bleeding. You band could use the room however will need to work with the other bands for times. you will be able to get at lease 2 night per week.

What you cant do:
Live in the room. Sleep over night. Smoke in the building. Keep pets. The building closes down at around 12 if your a band coming back from a Gig arrangements could be made to work around that.
We are not subleasing this would be month to month. And you will not be able to operate certain types business out of the room for use 170 Freight St as your business address. If you had a PO box that would work best if needed.

This is case by case. We are open for suggestions.

What we do:
We operate a few different types of business that all work together is synergy at this location. is a live band rehearsal and recording facility. That also Rents, Fixes and sells music equipment. is a web development and digital design start up.

If a band does not rent this room we are looking for a service that would complement what business we own. So A small insurance company or mortgage broker is not out of the question. That would work great with my Real Estate company.

We are not looking for and small recording studio operating out of that room. We have a rooms for that equipped with recording equipment and we will be able to make accommodations.

If you have a use for this room please call my cell 203-437-0890

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